Philosophy of Bed and Bottle Kids

Childcare for all parents`s wishes

Dear baby/childMutter und das Baby schreien zusammen

My main goals are to provide you a place of security and confidence during your stay and to offer you a place where you can feel cared for. Routines and rituals will help you to feel calm and relaxed in our environment and will give you a feeling of security and support.

First contact, acclimatisation and visitation to the premises

Children of all nationalities and religions are welcome.

It is very important for me to facilitate the children of parents who work shift hours, in hospitals or other institutions since it is particularly important for these parents to combine work and familiy life in a convenient and flexible way. Information on our services can be aquired through the following methods.

  • Our flyer with detailed information can be sent to your address
  • Friendly telephone conversation to discuss our services at an arranged time
  • Up-to-date website
  • Personal contact with the children at an arranged introductory afternoon

I am ensure that the first contact with children and parents is as comfortable as possible. The admissions discussions are always conducted in a relaxed environment. During these discussions the parents will become familiar with the way I work and with the premises of B&B.

Further Contact:

  • All documents and information will be sent to the parents.
  • Parents should give all information regarding the child’s habbits, likes/dislikes, other needs and developmental
    This will ensure a seamless transition between parents and BnB

Discussions with parents

  • We will discuss necessary information on the evening you schedule to arrive
  • I am also happy to be contacted regarding parenting issues of any kind

I am very happy to arrange an appointment for discussions around any parenting issues.