About me

My name is Annette

Annette mit Teddy

As a mother of 4 children, I know the needs and constraints of women and couples who have recently become parents.

I work also as a back-up. You can call the day before til 21.00 o`clock and get a free place on the following day in special cases like your private nanny is not avaiable, mother is sick or changes in workplan etc.

I know well, the desires for each other, for more time, time to yourself, the possibility of going out again, or simply to be able to sleep through the night again.

With my work, I want ensure that young parents can, from time to time, treat themselves to a break while having the confidence that their child/children are professionally cared for by a specialist.

From my own experience I understand that it is convenient and  comfortable to work on weekends and shiftplans when the child is in a daycare. I therefore offer afternoon, evening, weekend and overnight  packages to create a more comfortable arrangement for you.

Looking back on the experiences I had, to know that I can offer these reliefs for parents without worry and guilt is a pleasure.

  • I have a high level of expertise in childcare which I have emassed over the years having worked in various child care centers in Munich and Zürich.
  • I am certified childminder.
  • I have a qualification for the care of infants under 3 years of age.
  • In addition to my own pregnancies and private education hours, I worked more than 15 years in child education facilities. Other work experience and further training I have acquired in working with people with handicaps.

I am very happy to offer my knowledge and experience in family care and assistance to families. As a dedicated open-minded person, I am always available with help and advice.

With my innovative residential care, I would like to expand the style of childcare available so that parents are able to not only enjoy work and family life, but also their private lives once again.