Offer in Bed and Bottle Kids

Offer to parents:Happy family

Are you looking for a flexible afternoon, evening, weekend or night-care service? You have found the right place with me.

My concept understands the need for your sleep, exhaustion and the desire for more companionship and time for eachother and yourselves.

  • BnB allows for a maximum of 4 children per night, so that sufficient time is available for each child. during afternoon/ eveninghours and during weekend there can be 5 children in each shift
  • Parents are able to leave their child(ren) in a loving and professionally created family setting.
  • The main task of BnB is to ensure the loving and appropriatly qualified care of infants.
  • The course of the night is designed depending on the needs of children and is very flexible according to your wishes and needs.
  • With songs and a refreshing atmosphere I vermittele the baby close and understand your needs.
  • I know and respect the basic needs of disabled and healthy infants
  • I am aware of individual and changing needs of all children
  • I have an organised and structured night-care routine
  • I reflect on my work and educate myself continuously
  • I ensure a peaceful environment for the babies
  • I also give disabled children the opportunity to stay a night at BnB. I am a technically competent person, I therefore am able to take on the necessary elements of care for these children.

Each child is accompanied and checked throughout the night and is supported his/her sleep rhythm. I am present and help if I am needed.

There is always the option to sleep or to have bottle feeding. On this basis, I give the baby safety. You can find peace and relaxation.

From birth, the child actively looks to communicate and exchange with other people. As a caregiver, I therefore communicate with the children as much as I can. In the first months of life, children are able to remain calm and can feed without „fear of strangers” by unknown people.

This is also the reason why only babies from 0 – 6 months are supervised. However, exceptions can be made if the children have already stayed at BnB before and are comfortable with me. When this trust relationship has been build it can be used well during overnight stays. Older siblings can always be added with their younger siblings.

Offer for all children:

  • You have your space within a structured framework
  • You have different options (sleep or stay awake)
  • You can meet me
  • You can trust me
  • You can be yourself
  • Your needs will be met

Your rights at Bed and Bottle Kids:

  • You have the right to respected and the right to be who you are.
  • You have the right to share your feedback and thoughts
  • You have the right to rest
  • You have the right to sleep when you are tired
  • You have the right to assistance, protection and safety
  • You have the right to an extra bed
  • You have the right to a responsible and committed caregiver
  • You have the right to eat and drink when you are hungry and thirsty
  • You have the right to learn
  • You have the right, regardless of your nationality and religion to be respected and treated as an independent personality